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Pi Life App has been designed to help you get more out of your life. It is simple, fun and easy to do. Thought provoking weekly activities prompt you to engage with life, plus to connect with yourself and get more out of life.


Pi Journals already had successful physical journals to help people get more out of their lives. They recognised the fact that not all people wanted a physical journal and that an App would be a great way for people to not only use the same journaling process, but also be reminded to do so and it would always be with them.

Key Features

  • Pi Life App is easy to use, intuitive and structured so you can actively change your life to get the most out of it.
  • Week Activity focuses you on specific areas of your life to think about, action and reflect on. Each week is different – some fun and some serious.
  • Life Numbers track the changes in key elements of your life as you go through the weekly activities over the whole year. See how you feel your life has changed over time.
  • Capture all you thoughts and ideas in THOUGHTS when you have them and review them at any time during the week or in the future.
  • Photos can be added to your thoughts as visual reminders.
  • Plan your weekly actions to complete the Activity with simple to enter and manage To Do lists. Outstanding tasks will be highlighted and the number outstanding will be displayed.
  • Reflect on your thoughts, achievements and learning each week. Capture these along with ‘what and whom I am grateful for’ and ‘What is good about me’ to build your self awareness and improve your relationships.
  • Privacy of your thoughts, achievements and actions within Pi Life is maintained with passcode protection.
  • Notifications can be set by you, reminding you to complete the weekly activities and importantly Reflect on you actions, achievements and thoughts each week.
  • Full year or quarterly purchase of Pi Life. First 5 weeks of Pi Life are Free. Then have choice of buying the full year or each quarter as you go along.

Mobile App Development in Wetherby, Leeds, West Yorkshire.
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