Lynx Purchasing Gross Profit Calculator


The Free GP (Gross Profit) Calculator is an easy way to instantly calculate GP, designed to help chefs, managers and other food professionals in restaurants, pubs, hotels and cafes. GP Calculator can be used either to calculate the GP achieved on dishes already on the menu, or to calculate the selling price in order to meet a target.


Lynx Purchasing had an existing App in the App Stores however it was beginning to look a little dated. The original development company were no longer around so Appware took on the project and redesigned the UI to be consistent with the new website. With over 12,000 users it was important to avoid alienating users with drastic changes so the UI was made simpler and text was made clearer.

Key Features

  • Multiple calculators for Menu Price, Cost Price and Gross Profit Percentage
  • Blog feed pulled directly from website RSS Feed
  • Newsletter signup form
  • Push notifications to enable sending of news and informations to users of the App
  • Full company information with links to call from within the App and links to social media pages
  • Single code base allows for lower costs and reduced development time

Mobile App Development in Wetherby, Leeds, West Yorkshire.
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