Debbie Huxton’s Big Wisdom


Debbie Huxton’s BIG Wisdom app is a stress relieving tool that will help you lower your stress levels. This stress relief app will help you manage your stress, It is not only an effective app for reducing your stress levels, it also offers you help with insomnia, anxiety, confidence and motivation. This app will make a positive difference in your life if used regularly. This app does not replace the advice of your G.P. or medically trained practitioner who may be advising you. ALWAYS seek medical advice if symptoms persist.


Debbie wanted to get her message out to a wider audience to be able to help as many people as possible. An App was the perfect vehicle to do so, so that so many more people could have Debbie to call on, from the convenience of having her in their pocket.

Key Features

  • Mood tracker
  • Helpful videos
  • Helpful tips
  • Downloadable audio sessions with in-App purchases

Mobile App Development in Wetherby, Leeds, West Yorkshire.
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