For our first Appy Friday in 2019 we’re giving you a list of the top 5 tech releases to look out for in 2019 as there should be quite a few. There is such a wide variety of new tech emerging currently some looking more likely than others, so, here’s our top 5.

New iPhone
There are a few rumours surrounding the new iPhone, however, we do know that it probably won’t be a 5G device. It’s also expected that there will be three different size options as with their most recent iPhones, but there have been no clues surrounding the name of the new phones yet. There are a few rumours circulating that it could support the Apple Pencil which would make sense if their phones are going to continue to get bigger. It’s expected that Apple will continue to use OLED screens, however, there are lots of different rumours about getting rid of the LED screens altogether, or if they’ll continue to go with LED screen as they are cheaper. Another potential feature the new smartphone is that it could have a triple lens rear camera. We can expect to see these devices announced in September 2019.

LG Folding Phone
LG doesn’t release a lot of phones, however, there are some rumours about their next release being the foldable phone. Although not much has been said about these plans, the company have been showing their flexible OLED screens. It is rumoured for launch at CES 2019 this month.

ASUS Tablet
At CES 2019 we could be seeing the release of an ASUS 10-inch Chrome OS tablet. The new tablet from ASUS is rumoured to be running on the Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 which previously hasn’t had great reviews, so we’ll have to wait and see what ASUS come up with this year.  Again there are not many details yet on what this could look like and what features and specification details it may have but ASUS may also be releasing two convertible laptops and one detachable laptop this year.

5G compatible laptops
By the end of 2019 Intel is expected to have released their first 5G laptop and have said they are partnering with HP, Dell, Lenovo and Microsoft to create these devices. 5G laptops will allow you to have high-speed internet on the go. As well as laptops hopefully getting 5G in 2019, smartphones could be getting the same this year as EE has revealed.

Samsung Galaxy F
A new Samsung smartphone could also be on the cards this year. However, there isn’t too much on what the device might feature. The one hint we may have though is that is could be a foldable device and is likely to come with a large price tag so won’t be for everyone. There is also not much information on the name but it could be named the Samsung Galaxy F.

So, that was this weeks Appy Friday. Hopefully, there was something on here that will get you excited for the new year and all the new tech releases to come in 2019. Let us know what releases you’re looking forward to this year!