At their latest event, Google announced a range of new devices including two new smartphones, a tablet and various other bits and pieces. So, this week we’re narrowing down our top 3 devices from their announcement and what makes them great.

Google Pixel 3 + 3XL
Google brought out their first smartphone in 2016 and have now announced the release of the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL. The two new devices have an OLED display and both smartphones have a larger screen than before along with better cameras and processors. Both devices are now 0.3 inches bigger than the previous Google smartphones, making the Google pixel now 5.3-inches and the Pixel 3XL is 6.3-inches. Another change that has been made to the devices is that the backs are no longer plastic. They have been upgraded to a matte look glass which supports wireless charging. The devices now don’t just come in black and white either, Google has introduced a new shade called Not Pink.
The front camera has got two wide-angle 12-megapixel camera’s allowing you to achieve wide-angle selfies. Also, the front-facing camera can now work better at night with its new Night Sight feature allowing you to take higher quality images when it’s dark. Another nifty thing that Google has included in the new smartphones is the new security chip named Titan M. This chip is the chip that Google themselves uses at their own data centres.
The Pixel 3 will cost you £739 and the Pixel 3XL will cost £869.

Pixel Slate
The Pixel Slate is a new device from Google which is like a crossover of a phone, tablet and laptop all in one device. The Pixel Slate has a 12.3-inch display which has the highest pixel density of all tablets on the market currently. The Pixel Slate has front-facing speakers and a new camera allowing you to fit everyone in the frame for photos and video calls. You can also add a detachable Pixel Slate keyboard which has a typewriter like look with round backlit keys. It connects quickly via a magnet connector and is powered through the battery of the tablet.

Home Hub
Google introduced their very own smart display device similar to the Echo Show and Facebook Portal. The Google Home Hub has a 7-inch display, and when you purchase the Home Hub you get 6 months free of YouTube Premium. Also, like the Facebook Portal, you can use it as a digital photo frame when you’re not using it. On the device, you can look up directions, recipes, set timers, check your calendar, and can even call an Uber. There is no camera on this smart display so if that was something you were concerned about with the Facebook Portal, then this takes that worry away. It’s also a lot cheaper than the Facebook Portal and the Echo Show at only £139.

So, that was this weeks Appy Friday. Personally, I think these devices are a great alternative to all the Apple and Samsung pieces of tech that have been released over the past year.  They also have a smaller price tag. Let us know what you think to these releases and whether you’ll be purchasing any.