For this week’s Appy Friday, we are giving you a list of our top 5 smart speakers. Smart speakers have surged in popularity recently so we have rounded up our top 5. Ranging in prices from £39 to £389 depending on what kind of budget you have.

Sonos One
Cost: £199
The Sonos One speaker is definitely the best all-rounder smart speaker especially considering the price. With its sound quality, multi-room functions and smart home compatibility it makes the Sonos One speaker one of the best on the market. This smart speaker can connect to around 100 audio services, and can also connect perfectly with a lot of other speakers in order to build your own home cinema setup. The Sonos One also comes with Alexa and Airplay enabled.

Sonos Beam
Cost: £389
The Sonos Beam is very similar to the Sonos One, however, this device can also connect to your TV. The Sonos Beam has Airplay and Alexa support, Google Assistant is also said to be coming soon. This speaker can also connect very easily with all other Sonos speakers. If you have a Fire TV the Sonos Beam can play TV and movies using voice commands. However, this smart speaker has a fairly hefty price tag.

Apple HomePod
Cost: £319
The Apple HomePod is aimed at existing Apple fanatics as it can only run Apple Music, which is a bit of a disappointment considering the price tag. However, if you love Apple devices and already have all Apple tech, it could be a great addition to your set up. As expected, it is pretty expensive though.

Amazon Echo Show
Cost: £199.99
The Amazon Echo Show is a great smart speaker with Alexa built in, but what really makes this smart speaker shine is its great screen. Although you still talk to Alexa to do almost everything on the device, it’s nice to be able to view what song is playing and view lyrics to songs. You can play Amazon Prime Videos so is great for in a kitchen where you could watch a movie but also be able to ask it about recipes.

Google Home Mini
Cost: £34
The Google Home Mini is the cheapest of these 5 smart speakers. However, that doesn’t make it the worst. This smart speaker is great if you’re not looking for a speaker to do a specific job, but just an affordable all-around basic speaker. The device helps to make your existing speakers slightly smarter, and the Google Assistant works slightly better than Alexa at the moment.

So, that was this week’s Appy Friday. There are a range of different smart speakers available at the moment so hopefully, this list helps to narrow it down for you to see if you want to try any of these. Don’t forget to let us know if you haven’t any of these or want to try out any of these!