This weeks gift guide includes all the best tech stocking fillers. There are some really affordable gifts on this list ranging from £7-£30. They’re suitable for a range of different people, so should be something on here for everyone.

Casetify Hard Impact Case
Cost: £30 (Casetify)
A Casetify hard impact case is a great stocking filler or gift for those clumsy people in your life. You know the ones who are always dropping their phone or have a cracked screen! As well as these cases being hard impact, they come in loads of different patterns and prints so there’s definitely something to suit everyone on there, no matter what their age.

Tile Pro
Cost: £29.99 (Amazon)
We feature the Tile devices a lot on Appy Friday, however, it makes such a perfect stocking filler for anyone, so fits perfectly on this list. The Tile Pro allows you to track your items by simply attaching it to them. Then on your phone, you can play a noise on the Tile to help you find your items, and see them on a map if you lose them.

Apple Watch Straps
Cost: £7+ (Amazon)
Apple Watch Straps are a great stocking filler for those with an Apple Watch so that they can change the strap on their watch. However, there is a massive range of prices depending on the brand you get. Apple’s own brand watch straps are around the £50 mark but there is a range of different brands available on Amazon for a much more reasonable price.

Spigen Quick Charge 3.0 Car Charger
Cost: £8.99 (Amazon)
A quick charge car charger is a great stocking filler for those who drive because there are always those times when you have forgotten to charge your phone at home. This makes such a good stocking filler as it always comes in handy for anyone that’s got a car, especially if they use their phone for sat nav too.

Touchscreen Gloves
Cost: £9.99 (Amazon)
Touchscreen gloves are another great stocking filler for anyone, as they come in handy for everyone in winter. They let you keep your hands warm while still using your touchscreen phone and devices, brilliant!

So, that was this weeks Appy Friday. Hopefully, there were some things items on here to give you some inspiration this festive season. Let us know what your favourite stocking fillers are!