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Appy Friday Yearly Roundup!

This week for Appy Friday we’ve rounded up all our blog posts from the year. Top 5 Productivity Apps for 2018 https://www.appware.co.uk/top-5-productivity-apps-for-2018/ Top 5 Organisational Apps https://www.appware.co.uk/top-5-organisational-apps/ Top 5 Planning Apps https://www.appware.co.uk/top-5-planning-apps/ Is The Future of Charging Wireless https://www.appware.co.uk/is-the-future-of-charging-wireless/ Top 5 Health and Fitness Apps https://www.appware.co.uk/top-5-health-and-fitness-apps/ Apple Homepod- All You Need To Know https://www.appware.co.uk/apple-homepod-all-you-need-to-know/ Top 5 Motivational Apps https://www.appware.co.uk/top-5-motivational-apps/ How to Amp Up Your Phone Photography https://www.appware.co.uk/how-to-amp-up-your-phone-photography/ Smartphone News From This Weeks MWC (Mobile World Congress) https://www.appware.co.uk/smartphone-news-from-this-weeks-mwc-mobile-world-congress/ Top 5 Gadgets…

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What are the new Google Pixel 3, Slate, and Home Hub all about?

At their latest event, Google announced a range of new devices including two new smartphones, a tablet and various other bits and pieces. So, this week we’re narrowing down our top 3 devices from their announcement and what makes them great. Google Pixel 3 + 3XL Google brought out their first smartphone in 2016 and have now announced the release of the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL. The two new devices have an OLED display and both smartphones have a…

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