This week for Appy Friday we are giving you some of the hidden features of the new iOS 12. There are quite a few that are fairly discreet so we’ve put together a list of a few of these.

Alternative Face ID
With the iOS update comes a very handy feature allowing you to create an alternative Face ID. You can set the alternative Face ID by going to Settings > Face ID & Passcode > Authenticate. This new handy feature means that you can allow friends or partners to also unlock your phone with their face. This makes life a lot easier if you’re used to having someone else’s being able to access your phone.

Autofill Codes
Another cool feature Apple has added is the ability to autofill verification codes. This is a great feature which cuts out the faff of two-factor authentication and having to switch between the app you want to use, messages and then back to the original app. This update allows your device to look for messages with authentication codes in them and suggests them in the same way it suggests your saved passwords normally.

Live Listen
Live Listen means that your iPhone can be used as a microphone for hearing aids to AirPods. You can turn it on and off in the control centre if you add the button in settings. You can then place your iPhone down, put in your AirPods, and then turn on Live Listen.

Automatic iOS Updates
iOS 12 also now allows you to do iOS updates automatically so you don’t have to check when there are updates in the settings of your phone. To do this go to Setting > General > Software Updates, from here you can decide if you want it on or off. If you decide to have it on, it will download the latest software when you have Wi-Fi and install it overnight.

Apple Music Lyric Search
For all those times when you haven’t got a clue what a song is called but have the lyrics stuck in your head, Apple just made life a little bit easier. You can now search using lyrics in Apple Music rather than just song titles and artists.

AirDrop Passwords
This new feature allows you to long press on a password within your iCloud keychain to then AirDrop it to someone else’s device. Whoever you send it to then gets a notification which puts the password into their keychain. This can come in handy if your family share a Netflix or Now TV account as you can easily share passwords with everyone.

With the new iOS update, you can now deliver your notifications quietly. For example, if you get inundated with Twitter notifications, you can change the settings of it so that the notification goes straight to the notification centre rather than a banner. You can now also long press on the do not disturb button in the control centre and select for 3 different time periods. The first being for one hour, the second is until this evening and the third is until I leave this location.

So, that was this week’s Appy Friday. There are quite a few on here that make a few nice shortcuts. Personally, mine is the Apple Music update in that you can now search for lyrics taking the annoyance out of not knowing the title and artist of a song that is stuck on your head.