We build Apps and their supporting systems

We develop clients’ smartphone Apps and their supporting systems. That’s our focus rather than trying to be everything to everyone! We began building Apps for our customers in 2008 so we have many years of experience. This experience has helped our clients Apps to be successful, award winning, and TV and national newspaper featured.

Developers for all major platforms

We know you don’t want to manage multiple agencies or developers for each different platform, so we cover all the important ones. We are officially certified developers for all the major platforms including Apple iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, and Windows too.

10 Years of experience and counting

We have a huge variety of experience across the various platforms including Apps for marketing, sales, and business process. As well as Apps in the App Stores, we also build enterprise Apps for use within companies.

How we can help you

App Consultancy

We’ve been building Apps since 2008 so we really do know what we’re talking about! We can help you by using that experience to guide and advise you on your own potential project.

Mobile App Development

We develop smartphone Apps for all the major platforms. We also develop their supporting systems and can integrate with your existing software and systems when and where required.

Off The Shelf Apps

We have pre-built Apps targeting specific businesses at a fraction of the cost and timescale of a bespoke App. If you have a restaurant/takeaway, run events/exhibitions, or a taxi company, get in touch.

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The Development Process

Workshops & Planning

Unless a project is well defined and specified it will almost always overrun on both timescale and budget. Nobody wants that! To safeguard against this, before we start any project, we’ll run workshops and produce full specifications with you. That way, you know exactly what you’re getting, and we know exactly what we’re building, so can be confident in your time and cost estimates.

Mockups & Prototype

We initially produce static mockups of your App. We then build a working prototype of your App that behaves as the final App will, but without any of the actual functionality behind it. This validates that the App is as expected, and can be used for demonstrating to potential users. We’ve also had previous clients use this when raising investment, by having something tangible to show investors rather than just explaining their idea.

Development & Distribution

The final stage is the actual development of your App. This is based on your prototype App (so that work isn’t wasted) and all the code is written to develop it into your fully working App, as per the specification. Once complete your App goes through formal testing. We’ll then release the App on the App Stores for you or help you to distribute it internally to your users.

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