Mobile Websites

The smartphone market has exploded in the last couple of years and it has become almost a given that your mobile phone can now browse the internet. While your smartphone can do this the usability and whole experience is almost certainly compromised by the physical screen size and difference in the way you use your phone compared to your desktop or laptop computer.

This is where mobile websites come into their own as they are designed to work specifically for mobile phone screen sizes (e.g. text is much bigger and less is shown) and navigation and input constraints are taken into account. Mobile websites can be designed with the same look and feel as your usual website and can even fetch it's information from that system if required. We can also work with you to make your normal website detect if a smartphone is browsing your site and automatically show the user your mobile version. We do exactly this at which will automatically show our mobile version ( ).

As well as just replicating a mobile version of your existing website we can also work to build a mobile web application. An example of this may be a way for your customers to use their phones to browser your existing product catalogue in a mobile friendly way. We've already worked with leading edge clients by building systems for them in this way.

If you're considering a mobile website then please get in touch, we'd be happy to talk through your options and give you the benefit of our experience.

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