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Up, Up And Away


Amazon and Google are not only trying to pave the way for our future technology when it comes to mobile devices, they are also introducing other technologies of the future.  Drones, which once used to be a figment of our imagination and science fiction, are now getting closer to reality in the public domain.  Read more in our latest blog:

Live An 'Appy Life


Over recent weeks we have taken a look at what’s coming in the future of the tech world but this week we’re going to look at what we can use right now; apps.  Apps have revolutionised the way we go about our day-to-day lives. The term ‘I’ve got an app for that’ was coined by iPhone users but now there are quality apps for all sorts of mobile devices, so we can all enjoy the ‘appy life.  For more information on some of the Apps we've chosen to mention, head over to our blog:

What Can We Expect From iOS 8?


Apple’s iOS 7 software has only recently been launched but like every good technology geek, we’re itching to know what’s in store for iOS 8.  Well, we have some good news, some rumours have surfaced about what might be included in Apple’s newest software.  Enough information has been dropped over recent weeks for us to get some sort of idea what we can expect. To find out more - head over to our blog....

Apple And Microsoft Collide....And It's Brilliant


We’re often found blogging about all sorts here at Appware, from the latest in technology through to the continual battles involving the big names in the gadget world, and this news covers both bases.  Microsoft have taken a step that many gadget-lovers have been waiting for, arguably since the first release of Apple’s iPad in 2010 – the introduction of their Office suite onto the iPad. This is pretty big news and a move that could benefit both parties. For more information read our blog...

More Wearable Than You Can Shake A Stick At


We’re fans of all types of technology, as we’re sure many of you know, so when we saw this array of technology, we couldn’t help ourselves but write about it.  We have featured wearable technology on more than one occasion but it’s always good to check in with the latest crazy ideas companies come up with. vrAse is one of these crazy ideas and is a 3D experience on your head.  To find out more about vrAse and other wearables, read our blog:

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